Dental traumatology – part 2


An evaluation of 910 premolars transplanted in the anterior region—A retrospective analysis of survival, success, and complications.

The clinical management of traumatic dental injuries represents one of the most challenging problems in dentistry. Most traumatic dental injuries occur in children and adolescents and the anterior maxilla is the primary site for such injuries. It has been estimated that 70%–90% of all traumatic dental injuries take place before the age of 19 years and the incidence of trauma reaches its peak between 8 and 12 years. Around 8% of these injuries leads to tooth loss due to unfavourable crown root or root fracture or due to the fact that an avulsed tooth cannot be replanted, or a replanted tooth develops progressive root resorption.

Dental traumatology – part 1


An evaluation of 1654 premolars transplanted in the posterior region—A retrospective analysis of survival, success and complications

Autotransplantation is the procedure of grafting a tooth from its original position to a deficient zone in the mouth in the same individual. The transplanted tooth can be placed at either an extraction site or in a surgically prepared socket. Autotransplantation offers a relatively low-cost solution with a favourable aesthetic outcome. In contrast to osseointegrated implants, transplanted teeth have a vital periodontium and, therefore, have the capacity for functional adaptation, rebuilding of a normal alveolar ridge and continued alveolar bone remodelling during growth in children and adolescents.

Een oeroud verlangen

Transplantatie van gebitselementen is geen uitvindingen van de 21e of 20e eeuw. Sinds mensenheugenis bestond het verlangen missende elementen te vervangen: door schelpen, ivoor, bot, goud, door tanden van dieren en van mensen, dode en levende.

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